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To Audit or Not to Audit During the COVID-19 Pandemic, that IS the Question!

24 March 2020
The answer is YES!  Of course you have your audit as planned.  The one fact that we are 100% sure of during these unstable times is that business must continue to move forward.

To support our clients, NQA has taken the approach to conduct remote audits where possible.  The challenge we face during remote audits is being able to show the value to our clients.  A certification body risks the ability to connect with the client 3000 miles away from a computer in Texas.  Our team at NQA believes that we have been able to show value to the client by conducting their audits remotely. 

Mavenir is a large multi-site global company that has been a client with NQA since 2014.  They conducted their four day surveillance audit for TL 9000 and ISO 9001 the week of March 16th.  The audit was different from past audits conducted by NQA.  Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the team at Mavenir agreed to conduct a remote audit.

The audit was performed through the online platform, Skype for Business.  NQA will work with whatever meeting portal you choose.  Mavenir has Skype as their existing platform.  There were a few logistical issues to work around such as the difference in time zones.  Mavenir found the audit to be proficient and well organized.  Networks dropped the connection a couple of times during the audit.  This interruption did no throw off the auditor or the team at Mavenir.  Both sides linked back up and continued without delay.

I asked Mavenir if they would conduct another audit remotely and their response was the following;
Yes. Absolutely. Given these very strange times we’re in, anything that enables us to continue to operate as close to usual as possible is to be recommended.”
When asked what Mavenir would change about the remote audit they said;
“Nothing. It went well, we were able to show-case everything that was needed, and review with the auditor everything he felt he needed to see.”
The reality is that businesses will have many challenges ahead of them.  The state of the world is unstable with all of us simply trying to maintain some normality.  NQA is working to help you through the next couple of months.  Our auditing team is ready to perform many of your audits remotely.  Rest assure you will continue to get the service you expect from NQA. 

Jon Cross, Sales Manager, NQA