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Westbury Case Study

22 December 2016
Westbury working to the highest standard in the Industry to transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

Experts in design, manufacturing and installing, integrated control systems, automation for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) meant there was a need to strengthen their existing relationship with NQA by transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

Westbury Control Systems are operating at 95% for its ‘on time customer deliveries’. It was their intention to attain transition to ISO 9001:2015 to uphold a positive impact on the business stakeholders. Westbury’s suppliers have also helped to support this by enhancing their delivery metric by 5% to attain 100% satisfaction by the end of 2017.

Westbury control systems were due for recertification against the 2008 standard and took the business decision to transition to the 2015 standard early 2 years in advance of the 2018 deadline. Through leadership, commitment and careful planning they were able to deliver this on time.

“Leadership commitment was evident from an early stage and helped drive all necessary changes to our processes or practices” Michael Greer, Westbury’s SHEQ Advisor

A thorough gap analysis was performed, to highlight the shortfalls within their existing management system and these were addressed as a part of their management review. Each process was audited and assessed against the new standard criteria.

One of NQA’s first clients to transition

Westbury approached NQA for a recertification sooner rather than later and made the wise decision to transition to the new version ISO 9001:2015.

The cost benefit to the business with the transition to 2015 version provided additional value to their expanding client base; which helped to ensure existing customers had continued stability and continual improvement through risk analysis and added value.

As market leaders in the field of industrial automation and system integration, they have adopted a progressive and pro-active approach to process management. Therefore, ‘stepping-up’ to the new standard was an obvious decision to make, allowing them to become one of the first to complete the transition to the 2015 standard.

Westbury’s SHEQ Advisor was responsible for initiating, preparing and conducting the transition program. From the outset, changes were presented to the Board of Directors as a positive benefit to the business, gaining their support and leadership to help drive the company through the transition.

Initially, amongst the general staff, there was some misunderstanding and apprehension in relation to what was needed or expected from them to ‘step-up’ to the mark. However, through the careful management and training of employees, which included a more focussed PDCA (plando-check-action) cycle, problem-solving capabilities in particular were improved.

Westbury takes control of quality 

The benefits to Westbury were; that they now have the latest industry standard, which will help them to clearly communicate with customers and provide clarity in demands and expectation. This is also applies for their workforce and suppliers.

Within the business, there was a positive reception across all staff members as they readily embraced the need for development. They understood that it was not only beneficial to the business as a whole, but also to them as individuals, as well as their respective teams.

Externally, there was some frustration from Westbury with its suppliers and their lack of readiness to adopt the changes needed. However, once they had recognised that it was also in their own interests (and advantage), they became quite willing and able in fulfilling the ‘step-up’ required.

The SHEQ Manager commented that: “The assessor from NQA was found to be very friendly, informative and detailed, which was reassuring; knowing that if Westbury needed help or advice that professional support would be there.” Transiting to ISO 9001:2015 has improved behaviours in their day-to-day operations, which is evident in the quality of products and services delivered to their customers on a daily basis.

“The assessors recognised that our quality policy has been written and communicated at director level and throughout the business. This clearly demonstrates and emphasises our capability of delivering consistently performing products and services to all our customers.” Paul Knott, Director of Operations at Westbury Control Systems.

Comprehensive training was provided to Westbury staff, which included presentations on quality and its Quality Management System (QMS), making it accessible for all staff to use and understand. The QMS provides a hub of information, documents and procedure for all quality, health and safety and environmental records. The transitioning also helped the organization to really understand the usefulness ISO 9001:2015, as it allowed them to use the same terminology and procedures across the integrated system.

Going beyond

Westbury Control Systems are so pleased with their achievement of certification to ISO 9001:2015 that they are in the process of integrating other systems into it. They have a stage one and stage two for audit against ISO 14001:2015 planned for the autumn of 2016 and plan to work towards ISO 45001 once it’s released in 2017.

It is envisaged that once completed, the integrated management system or the ‘Business Management System’ will not only deliver a smarter, more customer orientated business, but will also allow the organization to do it more easily and effectively.

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