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NQA USA Receives 3rd 340 Club Award

10 April 2019
On Tuesday evening, March 19, 2019, NQA (National Quality Assurance) was recognized with a 340 Club award – its third such honor in as many years – by the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) for “exhibiting exceptional membership participation” in 2018.

The award was presented by TIA’s CTO and Senior Vice President, Ken Koffman. NQA TL 9000 Program Manager Rick Hill accepted the award on behalf of NQA at the Networking and Recognition Reception held as part of work group meetings of the TIA’s Business Performance Community (BPC).

The work of the TIA’s BPC is largely performed on a volunteer basis by the employees of its member organizations. Points are awarded reflecting the extent of the participation by those employees in work group and sub-team meetings and regional activities, as well as for event sponsorships. When an organization’s points total reaches 340, it becomes a member of the 340 Club for that calendar year. (The 340 Club award is given annually.)

NQA is one of only fourteen organizations recognized with the 340 Club award for 2018, and the only certification body (CB) so honored. NQA also won the 340 Club award for 2017 and 2016.

About TIA

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) brings together communities of interest across Technology, Government Affairs, Standards, and Business Performance to shape solutions, facilitate programs, and provide products and services that enable high-speed networks and accelerate next-generation Information and Communications Technology (ICT) innovation across all markets.

With a global membership of more than 260 member organizations, TIA is at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of companies delivering technologies and services that are revolutionizing the way the world communicates. Its members include ICT manufacturers and suppliers, network operators and service enablers, distributors and system integrators.

About NQA

NQA is a leading global certification body, providing objective third party certification of its clients’ many different management system standards for more than 25 years. NQA is part of NTS, the leading independent provider of environmental simulation testing, inspection and certification services in the USA. NTS serves a broad range of industries, including the civil aviation, space, defense, nuclear, telecommunications, industrial, electronics, medical and automotive markets.

NQA’s worldwide operations are accredited to grant management system certifications by ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board), UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and various other regional and industry-specific oversight bodies.