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New TL 9000 Measurements Handbook "Point" Release

22 May 2017
As part of its new TL 9000 Roadmap initiative, QuEST Forum has begun to issue what are being called point releases to deliver small, focused updates to the Requirements and Measurements Handbooks in an agile, timely manner.

The first of these point releases is MHB (Measurements Handbook) R5.5, due to be published this month. It’s not a full handbook update. It comprises just three elements, representing additions or changes to the current MHB R5.0:

1. a new Incident Restore Rate (IRR) measurement, applicable only to the following Product Categories:

  • 7.3.2 Network Operations Center,
  • 9.1 Voice,
  • 9.2 Wireless,
  • 9.5 Internet Access, and
  • 9.8 Video Broadcast Services;

2. a change to the manner of calculating Software Fix Quality (SFQ) to make it an annualized measurement; and,

3. the removal of the Normalized One-Year Return Rate (NYR) measurement (which is no longer felt to be value-added).

The new and changed content will be available as a free download from http://tl9000.org.
Organizations may submit data per MHB R5.5 rules beginning with the measurements for the month of June 2017, and must do so beginning with December’s. Clients will upgrade to MHB R5.5 just as they have to any previous Measurements Handbook revision.

They will have to have submitted at least one month’s worth of measurements per MHB R5.5 (and the corresponding Product & Service Category Tables R5.5) before the audits at which they transition to the new revision.

About QuEST Forum

QuEST Forum is a global association, formed in 1998 to pursue and achieve a goal of global ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) quality and industry-wide performance excellence.

Through the implementation of a common set of quality requirements (the TL 9000 management system standard), the collaborative activities of its global Work Groups, an emphasis on industry best practices, and the delivery of a leading-edge measurement system, QuEST Forum advances the quality, reliability, and performance of ICT products and services around the world.