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NQA Donates to The Key Program

11 January 2018
Each year NQA has a 'Giving Tree' set up during the holiday season in support of children and families in need.

This season we chose to support The Key Program, a charity who's main aim is to assist troubled youth and their families by developing positive life skills and life experiences so that they may pursue productive and rewarding lives.

The program has a male and a female house with children aged between 11 and 18, entering from very desperate circumstances. They are unable to live in their family homes as they suffer from a number of issues varying from abuse and neglect to mental health issues. 

Typically NQA receives a list including the name, age and gender of the child and we purchase something special for that particular person. A toy or a new outfit perhaps, but when we received the list for The Key Program we were taken aback because the 'wish list' was so basic. The children had asked for items which we would consider to be everyday essentials such as hats, gloves, deodorant, hairbrushes and body spray etc. It was explained that these children arrive at the facility typically with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Although they are provided with state issued soap, deodorant etc. they yearn for scented products so that they feel like the other kids at school.   

Our team was touched by their need to simply fit in so we gave and gave and gave until the office overflowed with generous donations. In fact, there were a surprising number of us that were genuinely brought to tears as we reflected on their simple needs compared to the lavish presents that ourselves and our families and friends had put on our Christmas lists.

Some of our colleagues shared their thoughts on the experience, “Feeling valued and having stuff of your own can make a world of difference”. Another coworker wrote, “We all know of these scenarios, but sometimes we need to be reminded that there are people who we can really help!”. Staff members also shopped with their children in the hope of providing them with a valuable life lesson.
We were all profoundly affected by this experience. We gave but we gained much more as a result. 

To find out more about the work that The Key Program does or to donate please click here