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NQA Auditor Alan Rutterford Named Quest Forum Fellow

08 June 2017
QuEST Forum, a global organization dedicated to quality and sustainability in the ICT community, named NQA Associate Auditor Alan Rutterford as the newest recipient of the prestigious QuEST Forum Fellows Award.

Alan was recognized amidst his peers during the organization’s May 2017 EMEA Service Providers and Suppliers Summit in Nice, France.

This coveted achievement recognizes an individual for more than ten years of outstanding contribution and dedication to QuEST Forum and its pursuit of quality and performance excellence in ICT.

Alan Rutterford, a Senior Consultant with Bywater Excel UK as well as an NQA auditor, is an experienced trainer and implementer of management systems and business improvement initiatives. He worked for British Telecommunications for over 33 years in technical, operation and research and development roles before joining Excel Partnership, now Bywater Excel.

Alan has been involved with QuEST Forum since 1999 when he was one of the two trainers who presented the first QuEST Forum public training course in Somerset, New Jersey. He has extensive knowledge of TL 9000, information security management, software process assessment and business improvement in which he has conducted successful consultancy and training projects for clients worldwide from Japan through Asia, Arabia, Africa, Europe, and to the Americas.

Alan has been an NQA Associate Auditor, performing assessments to the TL 9000, ISO 9001 and ANSI ESD S20.20 standards, since 2013.

About QuEST Forum

QuEST Forum is a global association, formed in 1998 to pursue and achieve a goal of global ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) quality and industry-wide performance excellence. Through the implementation of a common set of quality requirements (the TL 9000 management system standard), the collaborative activities of its global Work Groups, an emphasis on industry best practices, and the delivery of a leading-edge measurement system, QuEST Forum advances the quality, reliability, and performance of ICT products and services around the world.

About NQA

NQA is a leading global independently accredited certification body, providing assessments (audits) of organizations to a wide range of management system standards since 1988. NQA is part of NTS, the leading independent provider of environmental simulation testing, inspection and certification services in the USA. NTS serves a broad range of industries, including the civil aviation, space, defense, nuclear, telecommunications, industrial, electronics, medical and automotive markets.

NQA’s worldwide operations are accredited to perform management systems registrations by ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board), UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and various other regional and industry-specific oversight bodies.

NQA holds ANAB accreditation for TL 9000 R5.5 and TL 9000:2016 (R6) certifications, and is one of the world’s top half-dozen TL 9000 certification bodies, with close to fifty registrations globally, including CenturyLink, Flextronics, Huawei and Sanmina. NQA is an active participant in QuEST Forum conferences and work groups, which earned it the 340 Club award in 2016.