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Virtual Workshop: Aerospace Updates - PART 1

06 October 2020

Take a look at this recording of our recent virtual workshop designed to share industry scheme updates and give you an introduction to APQP.

There are a number of changes coming up in the next 12-24 months that will impact all organisations who are certified to AS9100, AS9120 or AS9110 standards, depending on the organisation itself some of these changes can be significant.

This video will provide you insight into changes such as the site structure changes and the new audit calculations and how you could possibly get more or less time added to your assessments.

  • PART 1 - A technical workshop - focusing on:

    • AS91XX series NCR Technical Analysis

    • AS9104-1 and the impact this will have on your organisation

    • The new manday calculation for AS91XX series standards

For PART 2 please click here.

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