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Selecting your Secure File Transfer Vendor

06 July 2015
Choosing the right Secure File Transfer vendor in today’s heightened security & compliance landscape. InfoTech Analyst firm Defines Top file transfer security considerations and how to select the best vendor.

In this web briefing - Info-Tech Director of Advisory Services in Security & Risk, James McCloskey will discuss the key risk and compliance considerations that organizations can no longer overlook when moving data assets both inside, and outside the firewall.  
As mobile technologies, cloud computing, and always-connected environments continue to enable fluid movement of data, organizations must consider solutions that meet both current and future needs.  James will share Info-Tech’s best practices on how to leverage Managed File Transfer to cost effectively achieve compliance and meet security goals including:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Vendor evaluation/selection
  • Implementation/adoption of Managed File Transfer

Would you mail a letter to a friend with your SIN number, banking information, and PIN numbers all written on the outside? No, of course not.  For many organizations, however, this scenario is taking place every day with sensitive company information and data assets in the form of unmanaged file transfers.  
Research conducted by Info-Tech Research Group, a research and advisory firm based in London, Ontario, Canada, unveils that there are still many organizations using unsecure, outdated methods such as FTP to move information across the enterprise.

As a protocol developed even before most of malware developers were even born, FTP lacks basic security features such as encryption, delivery tracking, and other seemingly basic security functions -it’s just a lot of text on the outside of an envelope being moved from point A to point B. 
During this webinar you’ll hear from the Info-Tech secure file transfer experts on how a much more robust, secure, traceable approach can help as they share highlights from their latest publication titled “Select and Implement the Right Managed File Transfer Solution for the Organization.
Ultimately, ISO 27001 certified management systems will help organisations to independently verify that a ‘best practice’ information security management system is in place within your organisation. At the same time it will ensure all of the considerations, policies and procedures you will learn of during this webinar are properly embedded, communicated and followed by your organisations employees.
Request a an ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Report to what your organisation needs to do to align with the requirements of the international standard for information security business management systems.