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The Nitrate Pollution Prevention (Amendment) Regulations 2016

13 December 2016

What is the amended legislation: The Nitrate Pollution Prevention (Amendment) Regulations 2016
These Regulations amend the:  Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations 2015
Who does this affect:  UK
When does this change take place:  31st December 2016

These Regulations amend the Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations 2015 (S.I. 2015/668) (“the 2015 Regulations”) which apply to England.

Regulation 3 ensures the 2015 Regulations refer to a new map of the revised Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (“NVZ”) designations for the period 2017 to 2020 to which the rules contained in the 2015 Regulations apply. Regulation 4 makes some changes to the procedure for publicising and notifying the revised NVZ designations for this period. Regulation 5 and the Schedule insert transitional arrangements for those newly in a designated NVZ so that the rules will not apply immediately.

Regulation 6 inserts requirements about record-keeping for those newly in NVZs. These requirements already applied to those previously in NVZs under the regulations in force before the 2015 Regulations. Regulation 7 makes consequential changes to regulation 34.

Regulation 8 amends arrangements for applying for a derogation under regulation 36, in particular to extend the period during which an application for 2017 can be made.

Regulation 9 makes further amendments, including to amend some definitions, remove spent transitional provisions.

Full text available here: http://legislation.data.gov.uk/uksi/2016/1190/made/data.pdf
Source: http://legislation.data.gov.uk/uksi/2016/1190/made/data.pdf
Acknowledgement:  Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.