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The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020

25 June 2020

Title: The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020 
Comes into force: 22nd June 2020 
Jurisdiction: England, Scotland, Wales
These Regulations implement some requirements of Regulation (EU) 2017/625 on official controls and other official activities performed to ensure the application of food and feed law, rules on animal health and welfare, plant health and plant protection products (“Official Controls Regulation”) in the UK regarding plant protection products. They establish and put duties on the competent authorities, and organisations that place on the market or use plant protection products (PPPs). 
Definition of plant protection products 

PPPs are defined 'pesticides' that control pests, weeds and diseases. There are many different types of PPPs and common examples include: insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulators. 
Competent authorities 

The competent authorities for the requirements in the Official Controls Regulation regarding plant protection products and components and the sustainable use of pesticides (with the exception of pesticides application equipment) is:    

  • for England, the Secretary of State; 

  • for Scotland, the Scottish Ministers; and 

  • for Wales, the Welsh Ministers. 

Duties of operators 

Operators include those who are involved in the manufacture or supply chain of PPPs, or that use PPPs in their work activity.  
Operators must notify the competent authority of the following: 

  • the operator’s name; 

  • the operator’s activities in relation to placing on the market or use of plant protection products and components and the sustainable use of pesticides; and 

  • the premises such activities are carried out.  

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