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The Building Regulations 2018 (SI 2018/1230)

12 December 2018

Following the consultation on proposals to introduce a ban on the use of combustible materials on the external walls of high rise residential buildings that was launched in June 2018, the following amendments are made to the Building Regulations 2010.
In Part 2 (Fire safety) amendments are made to prohibit the use of combustible materials within externals walls and certain attachments to the external walls of buildings.
This ban will apply to new high rise residential buildings, hospitals, residential care homes, student accommodation and dormitory buildings for boarding schools which are 18 meters or more in height. It does not apply to existing buildings within the scope of this regulation.
Only materials which meet European Classification A2-s1, d0 or A1 as classified in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2007 may become part of an external wall or attachment for buildings which fall within the scope of this Regulation.
A transitional arrangement is made for buildings where a building notice, initial notice or full plans have been given to a local authority before the 21st December 2018 if the building works have already started or start with 2 months of that date. In this case the amendments made by this Regulation will not apply.