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ISO 50001:2018 – Now Due August 2018

13 July 2018
A very important announcement for those organizations holding ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management certification or looking to get certified in the near future. Please be aware that ISO 50001:2018 is now expected to be published in August. UKAS is now finalizing its approach to the transition.

It is a framework that sets out a systematic approach for the improvement of energy performance within an organization. There are several changes that have been made to the 2011 version to bring the standard in line with the needs and changes of today’s business environments.

The main change is the adjustment of the standard to align it with the Annex SL the ‘high level structure’ as already seen in the 2015 versions of ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and the newly released ISO 45001 Health and Safety standard.

Other changes include normalization of environmental performance indicators (EnPIs) and associated energy baselines (EnB), clarification on the requirements of the energy data collection plan, and a general focus on ensuring the key concepts related to energy performance are clear and accessible for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

ISO 50001 allows a structure to work towards improved energy management. An organization that is certified to this standard will take the following approach:

  • Creating a company policy for more efficient use of energy
  • Implementing targets and objectives to meet the policy
  • Analysing data to make decisions about energy use
  • Measuring your results
  • Review and continual improvement

The Technical Committee responsible for the production of the standard have resolved that the Transitional Arrangement for the Revision of ISO 50001:2011 shall be three years from the date of publication of the revised standard. All ISO 50001:2011 certificates shall expire or be withdrawn at the end of the transition period.

NQA will be working towards the transition and, following the process undertaken for ISO 14001 transition in 2015 will be releasing guides, training and further information regarding actual transition process.