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Unveiling the Power of Corporate Training: A Pathway to Success

03 April 2024
We are proud to introduce you to our new Training Manager, Dr Charles Beacroft. In this article, he explains the importance of training for organisations and how NQA can address such business needs.  

Companies worldwide strive for excellence in their operations, products, and services to meet the ever-growing demands of customers and stakeholders. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through adherence to ISO standards, and corporate training plays a pivotal role in this pursuit. An efficient training plan often serves as a cornerstone for fostering talent, driving innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.

With more than a decade of experience of teaching and training in academia, higher education, and certification, I understand the value it brings to both employees and employers. By successfully equipping people with the essential skills, it drives businesses forward through knowledge sharing, increased innovation, and better performance.  

Here we will dive into the significance and myriad of benefits that training brings to organisations and their workforce.

Understanding the essence of ISO standards

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a comprehensive set of standards that provide guidelines and best practices for various aspects of business operations, including quality management, environmental management, information security, and occupational health and safety etc. Adhering to these standards not only enhances the credibility and reputation of an organisation but also fosters efficiency, consistency, and continuous improvement across all functions.

Corporate training ensures that employees understand the requirements and principles outlined in ISO standards relevant to their roles and responsibilities. Regardless of the standard our training courses provide employees with the knowledge and skills needed to comply with these standards effectively and efficiently.

By promoting a common understanding of ISO requirements, NQA training has been designed to help you achieve consistency in processes, procedures, and practices throughout your organisation. This consistency should then help you to enhance operational efficiency but also minimise errors, reduce risks, and improve overall performance.

NQA - Bridging skill gaps and fostering talent

One of the primary objectives of an NQA training course is to  help you bridge skill gaps within the workforce. As industries evolve and technologies advance, employees must continually update their skills to remain relevant and proficient in their roles. This is especially pertinent within the certification and ISO world with regular standard updates.

Our training courses provide an avenue for employees to acquire new skills, enhance existing ones, and stay abreast of industry trends. Whether it's understanding the latest standard update, honing leadership abilities, or improving communication skills.

NQA offer a wide range of courses and delivery options, each of which can be suited to address both your individual and organisation’s needs. By encouraging employees to think creatively, explore new ideas, and embrace change, you may find that your management system(s) become a useful business tool that aids continual improvement across the board.

What type of learning styles do NQA offer?

Our E-Learning courses, that you can sit in your own time, aim to provide you with the essential basic understanding and foundation knowledge for your specific ISO standard(s). After completing these E-Learnings, you will understand the fundamentals of the standard and look at breaking down each clause in basic detail. 

Not only are they an excellent starting point for any professional wishing to develop their knowledge of the standard, but they can be completed at your own pace during a time and date that suits you.

We offer E-Learnings for:

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Tutor-Led Virtual Sessions 

NQA offer virtual (Zoom), tutor-led courses for a range of different levels from beginner to advanced, these include Introductory, Implementation, New Manager, Internal Auditor, and Lead Auditor.  

All our tutors are experts in their respective fields, allowing for their experience to be shared with learners during the training sessions. All training courses have a wide range of activities, exercises and group tasks to ensure that you are best equipped to apply your appropriate ISO standard to your respective organisation. 

You'll also find that we allow a maximum of 12 delegates per course to ensure you receive sufficient 1-on-1 time with the tutor and have the opportunity to ask questions and get fully involved.

As our training is held virtually, delegates are welcome and able to join from anywhere in the world at key times throughout the year.

Bespoke Training  

Our bespoke training solutions maximise relevance and engagement by tailoring content and delivery methods to the preferences and learning styles of employees. Rather than presenting generic information that may not resonate with participants, bespoke programs incorporate industry-specific examples, case studies and interactive exercises.

This customisation not only enhances understanding and retention but also helps builds a deeper connection to the material, making the learning experience more impactful. Employees are more likely to engage actively in training sessions when they see direct relevance to their roles and the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day work.

If you would like a more personal, bespoke training session designed for your organisation’s needs please let us know.  

If you would like to find out about any new training courses, please feel free to contact our friendly team or sign up to our monthly InTouch email updates here.