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Occupational Health & Safety Management

Health & Safety Management System - the proven method of reducing risk, improving productivity. Get in touch if you have any questions about Health and Safety management systems. 

Managing health and safety doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or time-consuming. In fact it’s easier than you think. Certification to an International Occupational Health and Safety standard demonstrates that an organization has considered how they will identify, manage and control health and safety risks.

The standards are based on the ‘plan – do – check – act’ management process, and have been designed to be compatible with ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) management standards. 

In a climate that values optimal health, organizations of all sizes and industry sectors are now implementing management systems as a framework for improving their health and safety performance. Occupational health and safety is integral to the overall success of any organization. 

Failure to take responsibility for occupational health and safety within your organization could lead to serious consequences, not only do you risk large financial penalties, but you risk the safety of your workers. This can then have consequences including reputational damage and weakened financial performance. 

Key Elements of a Health and Safety Management System 

Regardless of organization size or type, the best health and safety management systems apply a common-sense approach based on a thorough understanding of the specific hazards and risks the organization faces on a daily basis.

This requires strong leadership and management, including the development of appropriate business processes and emergency preparedness. It also takes a well-trained, competent workforce operating in an atmosphere of trust. What’s more, a consistent, sustained delivery approach is necessary.

A truly effective health & safety management system establishes and maintains a culture of safety that permeates the entire organization. The attitude and behaviours of management and workers must exhibit a strong commitment to a safer work environment, or else the system will not produce the desired outcomes. 

Health and Safety Management Systems Framework

  • Identification of legal and other requirements
  • A clear structure for authority and responsibility
  • Measurable objectives for improvement
  • A structured approach to risk assessment
  • A planned and documented approach to health and safety
  • The monitoring of health and safety issues and auditing of performance

Health and Safety Management System Benefits

  • A reduction in accidents and occupational ill health
  • A reduction in stress and an increase in productivity
  • A reduction in the likelihood of paying legal costs and compensation
  • An improvement in underwriting risk

Increased Awareness Reduces the Likelihood of Committing a Violation

The fact that your company is placing a stronger focus on health and safety management helps to generate awareness of the importance of safety in the workplace throughout your organization. In turn, workers will make safety a primary focus as they go about their daily activities.

Better Employee Morale

When workers know their employer is concerned about their health and safety, they feel better about coming to work every day, and they are also more likely to approach their jobs with a positive attitude. High morale tends to improve job satisfaction, which can ultimately lower employee turnover.

People want to work for companies that value their employees. Implementing a health and safety management system demonstrates your organization cares about the well-being of its workers, which can help you attract more quality candidates.

Improve Your Company’s Long-Term Prospects

If you hope to expand your operation at some point and have a health and safety management system in place, financial institutions may be more willing to loan you money, as it demonstrates that your company is well-managed and is committed to minimizing risk. You can also increase your chances of attracting new business partners or investors.

Contact NQA to learn more about the many health and safety management system advantages, as well as how to implement one in your organization.