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Secure Client Portal

NQA provides customers with their own Customer Portal, a web-based tool allowing oversight and visibility to audit activities, certificates, reports, etc. for certifications. You will have access to this powerful tool that can be used to aid you in managing your ISO registration effectively while gaining insight about similarities/differences at each facility.

This tool enhances streamlined control, document handling, and learning across all sites/divisions of your organization. Access security is provided to ensure the right people with the right credentials have access. Some of the features of the portal include:

  • Visibility of certificates
  • Scheduling 
  • Activities
  • Past Audits 
  • Communicate directly with those who are familiar with your certification 
  • Lists multiple sites associated with your organization 
  • Submit corrective actions
  • Request changes to certificate 
  • NCR trending (in process) 
  • History of invoices and receipts 
  • Works on mobile devices 

What would you like?

Please let us know what functionality you would like in the client portal - contact us with any suggestions.