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NQA is pleased to provide these tools to help you promote your certification.

Certification & Registration Marks/Logos

The certification and registration marks are a great way to promote your registration! Use them on stationery, advertising, promotional products, vehicles and signage to let your customers and potential customers know what your company has achieved.

NQA registered clients are authorized to use both the NQA Certification and Registration marks where applicable, however, there are regulations governing the use of both marks. Some of the NQA registration marks incorporate either the ANAB or the UKAS logo and the regulations on where they may be used are more prescriptive. Visit the Logo Library page for downloads and instructions.

Press Releases

A great way to promote your registration is by issuing a press release to local and industry publications. In order to assist our clients in developing press releases, we have created short paragraphs about each of the standards we offer services to, as well as a brief NQA bio for your use. Click here to download this information. Please send a copy of your release to us if you would like to include a comment from us, or would just like a quick review before you issue it. We are always happy to help!

Promotional Materials

NQA has partnered with Facilitations, Ltd. to offer you flags, placques, banners and other products to help you promote your achievement. Contact Marlene Wachtel at or call her at 978.263.8589. Click here to download samples of some of the products offered.