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Your Partner for Organizational Success

You are not just selecting a Registrar, you are selecting a partner in your quest for success in the marketplace. NQA’s strategy for success is to maintain core values based on credibility, professionalism, integrity, communication and competent registrations for all clients. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We continuously maintain sufficient auditor resources which allow us to minimize typical lead times to a few weeks, utilizing highly trained and experienced local auditors. Additionally, your NQA partnership brings you access to valuable informational updates and resources, through our e-newsletters and network of training partners.

NQA Makes it Easy

Our approach is non-bureaucratic, thorough, performance-based, and focused on your systems. We do not force unnecessary controls onto your processes. Our auditors conduct audits using your policies and procedures to verify the implementation and effectiveness of both. We have developed a process that is proven, expedient and value-added. While we thoroughly evaluate your system to the standards, we also work with you to modify our approach to accommodate your organization’s needs.

Continuous Feedback

The registration process can be stressful and confusing, but by providing continuous feedback throughout, NQA eases the pressures on our clients. We provide designated Client Support Representatives assigned to each client, enabling us to supply timely, accurate information throughout the registration cycle. In coordination with our inhouse Technical Experts, your NQA Client Support Representative will work with your organization to quickly address any technical or logistical questions that arise, allowing you to focus on your primary day-to-day business activities.

Local Attention Across the Globe

NQA’s global presence provides a unique capability to comprehensively service large, multi- national organizations with local attention. Wherever your growing business takes you, NQA is there with local auditors who understand the culture and speak the language. Multi-site registration sampling schemes are available for companies with three or more facilities. This results in a significant cost reduction over individual registrations and increases the efficiency of the registration process.

NQA at a glance

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Operating in over 32 countries
  • Issued 36,000 certificates
  • Clients in 70 countries
  • Outstanding Auditors
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Local Auditors
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