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Transferring your Certification

13 September 2016
If you are thinking about transferring your certification to NQA we have designed a guide to help you do just that!

As consumers prior to making a large purchase we always try to shop around to ensure we are getting the best deal possible from a trusted organization. Working in the certification industry is no different, and you should ensure that you not only get on with your certification body but that you are happy with the service they are providing. If you are thinking about transferring your certification to NQA we have designed a guide to help you do just that!

“We recently transferred our certification from BSI to NQA in line with other group divisions. The ease of transfer was both seamless and effortless.“ DEM Manufacturing, April 2017. 

Reasons for transferring your certification

POOR SERVICE - There are many reasons why an organization may start thinking about switching Certification Bodies. The majority of clients that transfer to NQA tell us that it is because they are not happy with the approach or the service they currently receive from their existing provider.

As a client of an organization you should be completely satisfied with the level of service and approach being taken to your certification and so this is a completely acceptable reason to transfer. Here at NQA we aim for 100% customer service and that shows with our client longevity currently sitting at 10+ years!

MULTIPLE STANDARDS WITH DIFFERENT CBs - There are other reasons why transferring your certification may suit you and your organization. Whenever you bring new standards on board it is important you shop around to ensure you get a fair and accurate deal.

Whilst certification bodies are governed by UKAS and industry requirements to ensure man days are aligned it is important to compare the levels of service from different certification bodies and of course the price. This quite often means that we see organizations with multiple standards that are certified by different CB’s in different areas.

If this sounds like your organization then you may wish to consider transferring standards to one certification body as this can improve organization of audits, increase efficiency, reduce costs and travel time etc. Plus if your standards are integrated this could mean a reduction in time if they are all with one certification body ultimately reducing costs.

RE-TENDERING - If your organization is a large multisite organization or a public sector organization it is quite often a requirement that any outsourced work or external work is tendered at the end of each contract. Here at NQA we keep our eyes open for any certification work on many tendering portals to ensure we give ourselves the best chance of supporting your organization through any future certifications and the transfer process to NQA.
PARENT ORGANIZATION PRESSURE - If you are part of a larger parent organization you may be subject to pressure from that parent organization on the certification body you choose and may have to fall in line with their certification choices – this is also another reason NQA see many organizations transferring to NQA.

Thinking about transferring?

It’s not difficult to transfer your certification and poses no risk to the validity of your certificate providing you meet set criteria.

If you are thinking about transferring some or all of your certification to NQA read this practical guide to ensure you understand the process and are prepared for the questions you may get asked. When you're ready simply click here to contact a member of our sales team.