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ISO Certification: Driving Global Business Success

16 May 2024
By the end of 2023, ISO had published 25,111 standards and standard-type documents, with input from over 58 countries to meet global expectations. Read on to understand why ISO standards are growing interest across the globe.

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) certification continues to grow around the world. With the global drivers of economic growth, innovation and promotion of health and safety, contributing to a sustainable future, it is more important than ever to ensure your business is set up for success.

At the end of 2023, ISO confirmed that there were 25,111 International Standards and standards-type documents that have been published spanning across all sectors, with contributions from 58 countries, to ensure that they meet global expectations.

How ISO certification transforms your business

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

ISO 9001, the world’s best-known quality management standard, places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Organisations implementing ISO 9001 not only assess whether they meet customer requirements but also monitor subjective customer perceptions. This focus on customer satisfaction leads to better retention, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Happier and more competent employees

Implementing an ISO standard can positively impact employee satisfaction. Empowered employees who feel engaged contribute to a motivated workforce. ISO principles encourage employee involvement and training, fostering professional growth and job satisfaction. 

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Operational efficiency and reduced risks

Organisations can streamline processes, minimise mistakes, and reduce wasted time by implementing ISO certification. By adhering to ISO standards, organisations enhance efficiency and mitigate overall risks4.

Access to global markets

Companies are shown to be more credibile and demonstrate adherence to international standards. This opens doors to global markets, as many customers and partners require ISO-certified suppliers

Enhanced product quality

ISO standards focus on quality management, ensuring consistent product quality. Manufacturers embracing ISO standards are better positioned to deliver exceptional products, which ultimately benefits their reputation and customer trust. However, it isn’t all about manufacturers, whatever industry or sector you are in, quality is paramount to ensuing success of the business. 

Navigating regulatory landscapes

The standards provide a framework for meeting legal requirements and industry norms. From ISO 14001 (Enironmental), ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) or ISO 27001, this is an important part of the standard which helps organisations navigate complex regulatory environments.

Brand credibility

ISO certification serves as a badge of honour, signalling commitment to excellence. Customers and stakeholders recognise ISO-certified organisations as reliable and trustworthy. UKAS accreditation for the certification body is also important, so that you know that your audit meets the rigorous requirements set out in ISO 17021. NQA prides ourselves on this to give you confidence in our service.

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Right decision making

ISO standards encourage data-driven decision-making processes. Organisations with ISO certification have well-defined procedures, making it easier to make informed choices

Improved processes

ISO certification drives continuous improvement. Organisations regularly assess and optimise their processes and procedures, leading to better outcomes and increased efficiency. 

Strategic investment

Achieving ISO certification, isn't just a formality, it’s an investment in the future. Companies that embrace ISO standards position themselves for long-term success by focusing on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction

ISO certification goes beyond mere compliance - it’s a strategic choice that impacts operational excellence, customer relationships, and overall business success. Whether you’re a manufacturer, service provider, or any other type of organisation, ISO certification can significantly benefit your operations and bottom line.

NQA's final thoughts

In conclusion, ISO certification remains significant globally, with organisations striving to meet international standards for quality, efficiency, and compliance. While the exact growth in the last 12 months may vary by region, the long-term trend indicates its importance in the business landscape

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