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ISO 50001 QRF Guidance

We've written this guidance to support you in completing the NQA IMS Quote Request Form, specifically the ISO 50001 section. If you have any further questions, please contact our sales team.

Number of EnMS effective personnel on site

These are defined as the personnel who materially impact the intended outcomes of the EnMS and shall include the sum of the following (not counting someone twice e.g. a member of top management who may also sit on the energy management team):

  • top management;

  • the energy management team;

  • the person(s) responsible for procurement related to energy performance;

  • the person(s) responsible for making major changes that affect energy performance;

  • the  person(s)  responsible  for  developing,  implementing  or  maintaining  energy  performance improvements, including objectives, energy targets and action plans;

  • the person(s) responsible for developing and maintaining energy data and analysis;

  • the person(s) responsible for planning, operating and maintaining the processes related to the SEUs including during seasonal operations (e.g. harvesting activities, hotels) as appropriate;

  • the person(s) responsible for design which affects energy performance.

Energy Types

Please provide the number of energy types that account for 80% of your organization’s total energy consumption. The energy types are those identified in the energy review. This number is not necessarily the same as the number of energy types for the organization.

For the purposes of this calculation, energy types shall be those that cross the boundary(ies) of the EnMS. ( for example gas, electricity, oil etc).

Roles of EnMS effective personnel

A summary of the roles of those staff counted in the above calculation.

Processes/Activities of site

Details of the types of activity and processes being carried out within the proposed scope of certification.

Annual Energy Consumption - Terrajoules (TJ)

The sum total of all energy used within the proposed scope of certification converted into Terra joules. To convert - 1 GWh = 3.6TJ.

Energy Sources

The number and type of energy sources used within the proposed scope of certification (gas, electricity, oil etc).

Significant Energy uses

Total number and types of energy uses that represent a large proportion of the energy consumption and/or a considerable potential for improving energy performance.

Energy Regulations applicable to site

Details of the significant items of energy legislation that apply to the proposed scope of certification.