IMS Reliance

Earlier this year, IMS Reliance was acquired by NQA Certification Ltd. All activities have now migrated to leading global certification body NQA.

If you are an existing IMS client or are affiliated with IMS in any way, you will still have the same point of contact and even more with the NQA team now able to support you too.
NQA offers certification to the same standards as IMS and more, adding additional expertise in sectors ranging from energy management and business continuity through to food safety.
Our philosophy at NQA is to ‘never stop improving’. We believe every business can do better, consistently, continually and sustainably. Our assessment, certification and training services enable businesses to implement change, improve management systems and build for future success.
We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients, and producing helpful resources, including blogswebinars and events. Our monthly e-zine, InTouch, is packed with technical content and important information about legal updates.
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to NQA and encourage you to explore the services and resources our organization has to offer.

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