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60 Seconds with Anna-Marie Brydson

18 April 2019
The Scheduling Team plays a vital role in NQA's day-to-day business. Find out what their Team Leader enjoys most about working for NQA and what her top tip would be.

What is your role?

I have been with NQA for over 12 years and I am the Scheduling Team Leader.  I am responsible for ensuring the Scheduling Team deliver the required amount of audit days each year and making sure each client’s annual audit is delivered within the relevant timescales. Day-to-day we are the main liaison between NQA auditors and our clients, working through complex diaries and booking audits in advance.

One of the main focus points of my role is to ensure that all audits are allocated to the nearest auditor with the correct background and competency skills for the client. This benefits all parties  involved.

Most memorable moment at work?

My most memorable moment throughout my time at NQA was when I found out that I had passed the ISO 9001 Lead Auditor course, I was extremely nervous about attending the intensive five-day course and having to undertake the exam but the tutor was amazing and gave me so much support throughout the week.  I learnt a huge amount and it gave me real confidence when I received my certificate following our tests being marked.

Favourite thing about working for NQA?

This seems to be a popular answer but I have to say my team; they are always full of enthusiasm and are eager to support each other. Working within the Scheduling Team means we have lots of interaction with different departments throughout the business and also get to talk regularly with our varied client base. With a background in customer service, building and maintaining strong relationships with the people around me is what keeps me motivated.

Top tip for people looking at certification?

My top tip for people looking at achieving certification would be to utilise as many of NQA’s free resources as possible. NQA is a certification body that stands out from others due to the sheer amount of information that you can get at no cost. We offer implementation guides, gap guides, webinars, blogs, Q&A sessions and much more, available to anyone who needs it. We are always continually striving to add as much value to our services as possible.

How might you be able to help our readers?

You’re likely to have contact with the Scheduling Team if you are looking to confirm or reschedule your audit. We work with auditor’s diaries up to 12 months in advance to ensure that you can book in with your auditor of choice at a time that is convenient to your business.