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Cyber Risk and Insurance - What companies need to know

06 November 2015
Estimates as to the true cost of cybercrime and cyber espionage vary widely according to which report you read but what is clear is that cyber crimes will often go unreported as companies attempt to conceal losses in order to protect brand and reputation.

Conversely, many organisations are being breached on a daily basis and remain blissfully unaware that they have fallen victim to an attack since they have no means to detect them.

With a large majority of companies having either insufficient or no cyber insurance in place at all, the risk of catastrophic financial damage to both small and large enterprises alike is extremely high.

Yet many organisations are unclear what they are buying with many off-the-shelf cyber insurance policies being a long way off from covering all costs associated with breaches, companies need to understand what an effective policy looks like, what they are covered for and where they are still exposed.

Cyber Risk and Insurance is a conference taking place on the 3 November 2015 that will help organisations ot address ways in which to achieve protection form cyber crimes. 

Companies will be able to find out what they need to know about current cyber threats affecting organisations today and will equip them with the knowledge they need to select the most appropriate policies for protecting their businesses, assets and reputation.

Supported by The Security Institute and offering all attendees 11 CPD points, the conference will assist companies in evaluating their own needs by asking such questions as:

  • Does your organisation have the people or experience to effectively manage a data breach incident?

  • How should your organisation decide whether investment in cyber insurance should be part of your security strategy?

  • Ahead of impending legislation, how can your organisation reduce the significant costs resulting from a data breach incident?

A certified ISO 27001 system enables organisations to protect their reputation in the event of a cyber crime through being able ot demonstrate that they have sought independent verification of having a 'best practice' information security management system in place. ISO 27001 management systems are also a proven way to prevent cyber crimes occuring in the first instance. You can read real business case studies here.

Organisers Quaynote Communications and Contego Events are delighted to offer NQA clients an additional £55 off the registration fee. This offer is valid until 26th June 2015 only and will offer registrants an additional £55 off the early bird rate of £250 + VAT.

To book online, visit www.regonline.com/cyberrisk then click NQA client and quote the code NQA247. Remember, this discount only applies to bookings made before 26th June 2015!

For more information on the event, contact caroline@quaynote.com. Or you can download a copy of the conference programme.