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Meet Our Partners - DAT Performance

20 March 2020
Meet Dale Town from DAT Performance Consulting LTD

What standards can you help NQA clients with?

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We provide cost effective software solutions for the hosting of your management systems using our acclaimed ProActive software. The software can be adapted to host all ISO management standards. In the office, on the shop-floor or at remote off-site locations ProActive provides rapid access to your vital ISO systems.

About your company

DAT was founded in April 2006 to fill a gap in the market for ISO consultants that could add real value.
Possessing experience across a wide range of sectors and standards DAT deliver systems that add value and achieve certification requirements.

With unique selling points developed around delivery of client value, we continue to improve and differentiate our consultancy and ISO compliance software packages.

For clients serious about improving their organisations as well as achieving certification our services provide an excellent return on investment.

DAT use the best consultants and ISO support software in the support of your ISO compliance.

Although separate, impartial and objective both DAT Performance and NQA have a similar goals in delivering the best possible client experience during the initial certification periods and beyond. Both NQA and DAT Performance team members are practical and pragmatic in approach ensuring that client requirements and needs are the first priority.

Top tip for people looking at certification?

  1. Find a suitably accredited certification body such as NQA. Avoid non-accredited Certification bodies aggressively marketed on the internet. Non-accredited certification is frequently rejected by interested parties seeking to limit the risks of doing business associated with your products or services. Non-accredited certification bodies are not subject to the accreditation processes applied by UKAS. Because of this non-accredited certification is considered by the majority of certification experts to lack credibility. Buyer beware, if the deal sounds too good to be true it probably is!

  2. Select the right consultancy for your business! Making the wrong consultancy choice can be costly. There are lots of consultants on the market, many driven by sales targets and fixed template ISO system models. DAT works on the basis that clients come first and that their management systems will always be tailored against client needs and not based on fitting a poor consultancy template. Don't box your ISO system in by using a rigid template approach.

What do you find is the most common point of misunderstanding regarding certification or specific standards when visiting clients?

There are many common points that prospective clients misunderstand when thinking about the certification process. Please see our FAQs page to find answers to our most common client questions.


* Disclaimer:

NQA does not provide consultancy in order to remain impartial from management systems implementation.

NQA shall not imply that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if a consultancy listed on the ACR is used.

ACR Consultants shall not imply that NQA certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if their services are used.

NQA remains impartial from our partners on our Associate Consultant Register and does not endorse one partner over another.