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Hackers Target Britain's Digital Economy

28 October 2015
A government-commissioned information security breaches survey by PwC shows 90% of large businesses and 74% of small enterprises in the UK encountered a cyber-attack last year. 
According to the information security breaches survey by consultancy firm PwC, the average costs for large UK organizations start from an average of £1.46m, while smaller firms are incurring costs of up to £310,000.

1/10 companies who suffered a security breach changed the nature of their business as a result.
NQA have partnered with the Cyber Security Research Institute, The Security Institute and Information Age Magazine to support companies in managing and primarily avoiding such potential damage to their businesses at the forthcoming Cyber Risk and Insurance Conference.
NQA will be ensuring all attendees can take away a best practice guide that can help companies align their information security management systems, policies and procedures to the requirements of the internationally recognised standard ISO 27001.

Having a certified ISO 27001 management system in place, may help companies to mitigate fines as a result of showing best practice systems were in place as a reasonable measure of prevention against hacking.
Having a robust information security system in place will undoubtedly support any organization when considering that many breaches are inadvertently, enabled by employees.  
Peter Warren, chair of the Cyber Security Research Institute and The Security Institute, will educate companies on the current cyber threats affecting organizations today and will equip them with the knowledge they need to select the most appropriate policies for protecting their businesses, assets and reputation.
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