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60 Seconds with Nigel Turner

27 September 2017

Our NQA Assessor Nigel shares his memorable moments over 18 years of auditing and highlights the benefits he sees clients gain from certification.

What standards do you audit?

ISO 9001, PAS 43, National Highways Sector Schemes

Most memorable auditing moment

In the last 18 years of auditing for me there have been too many to mention but the sense that as an Assessor, you get to see many aspects of how organizations function across many different industry sectors is the most rewarding aspect of the work.

Greatest client benefit gained from ISO certification

ISO 9001 provides organizations with tools to ensure that processes and structures can be implemented and the business operation properly understood and its performance measured by management. Using systems to shape and continually improve the culture of the way the organization functions provides order in day to day operations and clarity of information to support decision making by the leaders.

Top tip for getting the most from your management system

Ensure that the development of systems is made in conjunction with the company’s business strategy at leadership level. The setting of quality objectives, measurement of performance and improvement of systems will then be fully focussed on delivering the desired results for the operation.

Most common non-conformance

The concept of corrective action is the most miss-understood element of ISO 9001. Quality assurance is not being applied properly if actions to deal with a problem, compliant or nonconformity do not extend to what caused the issue and what can be changed in the process to prevent it from recurring. Very often we see that action is limited only to rectifying the problem itself.