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New Oil Storage Regulations for Wales

28 April 2016
What is the new legislation:
Water Resources (Control of Pollution) (Oil Storage) (Wales) Regulations SI 2016/359
What is the amended legislation: New legislation
Who does this affect: Wales
When does this change take place: 15th March 2016

They apply where more than 200 litres of oil is stored above ground at industrial, commercial or institutional sites. Requirements for the storage of oil are established.

Oil must be stored in a container which will not leak or burst.  In addition, the container must be bunded and the bund must:

  • have a capacity of no less than 110% of the container's storage capacity within the system;
  • be impermeable to water and oil and not penetrated by anything.

Anything attached to the container must be within the bund, and any pipes must have a drip tray to catch any oil spilled.
Where a drum is used to store oil and it uses a drip tray, the tray must have a capacity of no less than 25% of the drum's storage capacity or the aggregate storage capacity of the drums, if more than one is used.
The full text of the Regulations may be found here.
Source: http://www.legislation.gov.uk