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The Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Scotland) Regulations 2021

11 February 2022

Amends/Commences: None

Comes into force: 1st June 2022
Jurisdiction: Scotland
Restrictions are introduced on the manufacture and supply of certain single-use plastic items in Scotland. The following items have restrictions placed on them under these Regulations, making it an offense to manufacture or supply them under certain circumstances:

  • single-use plastic balloon sticks;

  • single-use plastic straws;

  • single-use expanded polystyrene beverage containers;

  • single-use expanded polystyrene beverage cups;

  • single-use expanded polystyrene food containers;

  • single-use plastic beverage stirrers;

  • single-use plastic cutlery;

  • and single-use plastic plates.

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