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Consultation on the Use of Gypsum to Improve Soil Conditions

29 June 2017

This Consultation focuses on the use of waste gypsum from waste products such as plasterboard for agricultural and ecological improvement.
When does this consultation end: 7 July 2017
There are some concerns in the use of gypsum for agricultural purposes, where gypsum could create odorous and toxic gas - hydrogen sulphide (H2S) when mixed with organic materials such as manures and slurries in anaerobic conditions. Therefore, to introduce the use of waste gypsum, certain measures need to be put in place to ensure safe and appropriate use of this material to improve the soil condition.
The disposal of gypsum in land should not be in excessive volumes, as this would be classed as a disposal activity and would require a PPC landfill permit.
The draft guidance attached to this Consultation advises on the:

  • safe use of gypsum, what it can and cannot be mixed with; and

  • acceptable uses of gypsum.

The link to the consultation here.
Source: http://www.legislation.gov.uk