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Draft UK Air Quality Plan for Tackling Nitrogen Dioxide

25 May 2017

This Document develops a Draft Air Quality Plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other air polluters in the UK. It provides an overview of actions that the UK Government plans to take to achieve reduction of harmful air pollution.
It focuses on tackling the air pollution that comes from road traffic, which has been defined as the most immediate air quality challenge that is the only statutory obligation that the UK is currently failing to meet. It recognises the health issues connected with excessive levels of air pollution and aims to achieve improvements of air quality in the "shortest possible time". The UK Government plans to put local authorities in the centre of the air pollution management.
The plan introduces, from September 2017, Real Driving Emissions tests, which would apply to new models sold from 2017. They require manufacturers to ensure that real world NOx emissions are aligned with lab-testing limits.
In addition to tackling road traffic pollution, the plan aims to implement additional funding to increase the uptake of hydrogen and electric vehicles and develop the infrastructure, provide resources for research and development, also introduce a new car fuel economy label.
The document also describes separate actions to be introduced in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The full text may be found here.
Source: https://www.gov.uk