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Improving Energy Performance in Non-Domestic Buildings

29 September 2016

Improving Energy Performance and Emissions in existing Non-Domestic Buildings - Scotland Guide. 

Regulations in Scotland require the owners of large non-domestic buildings (over 1,000m3) to assess and set out action to improve the emissions and energy performance of their buildings where offered for sale or for rental to a new tenant. The owner must then either improve the building within a specified period or report annually on its actual energy use, until such time as they have completed improvements.
What is the new legislation: The Assessment Of Energy Performance Of Non-Domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016.
What is the amended legislation: New legislation
Who does this affect: Scotland
When does this change take place: 1st September 2016

  • The regulations apply to the owners of larger buildings – those over 1,000 m² – and set relatively modest energy performance and emissions improvement targets.

  • Their application is triggered by the sale of a building or by rental to a new tenant. This builds upon already-established processes for the delivery of energy performance certificates (EPCs) required under EU legislation.

  • They offer building owners the option of improving their building within a reasonable timescale or deferring improvement by formally reporting annual energy use.

  • A new guide has been produced to explain how the regulations will work in practice

The guidance document mat be found here.
Source: The Scottish Government