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More New ‘GPPs’ - Guidance for Pollution Prevention Published

28 September 2017

A review plan for the PPGs is currently underway. The review will result in a replacement guidance series, Guidance for Pollution Prevention (GPPs). 

It is aimed that the new series will provide environmental good practice guidance for the whole UK, and environmental regulatory guidance directly to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For businesses in England, regulatory guidance is available from GOV.UK instead.
What has been amended: Pollution Prevention Guidelines
Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations SI 2011/2860.
Who does this affect: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (guidance only in England)
When does this change take place: Ongoing

GPP8 - Safe storage and disposal of used oils

  • This Guidance has been developed for producers of waste, and companies that store and handle waste materials including waste oils. It does not apply to England.

GPP19 - Vehicles: Servicing and Repairs

  • This Guidance has been produced for garages, service centres and car washes that undertake activities which may cause pollution. It is mainly aimed at businesses that deal with vehicles, but most of it is applicable to other machinery, plant and equipment. It does not apply to England.

GPP21 - Pollution Incident Response Plans

  • This Guidance provides companies with advice on how to create an incident response plan to deal with environmental incidents on their sites. It is for sites which do not already need to prepare pollution incident response plans, as a condition of a permit.

The full text of these and other GPPs may be found here.