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The Building Safety (Registration of Higher-Risk Buildings and Review of Decisions) (England) Regulations 2023

13 April 2023

Amends/Commences: Building Safety Act 2022 (c. 30)

Comes into force: 6th April 2023

Jurisdiction: England

The principal accountable person (PAP) must register their higher-risk building with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) before it is occupied by residents. Failure to do so, without reasonable excuse, is a criminal offence.

These requirements come into force on 6th April 2023. To allow for a period of voluntary registration, the offence will not come into force until 1st October 2023.

Provisions are also made on the actual register and its content, the application process, and the review of decisions of the regulator.

The BSR is given the authority to decide the way in which the relevant application must be given to it.

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