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Radiological Protection Act 1991 (Authorisation Application and Fees) Regulations 2019

03 June 2019

Came into force: 8th February 2019
Jurisdiction: ROI

These Regulations outline the application process for the authorisation to carry out a practice involving the use of radiological sources and defines the applicable application fees.

These Regulations do not apply to licences granted immediately before 8th February 2019; however, they will apply upon renewal of those licences.

The duties include:

An application for a new, amended, or renewed licence must be made electronically one month before commencement of the activity via the online application portal (Environmental Data Exchange Network, maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Information to be provided
The application for a new, or amendment of an authorisation, or the renewal of a licence must include the information specified in Schedule 1, Part 1 of this regulation. The EPA may also require additional information.

Issue of a license or certificate of registration
The EPA will issue a certificate or licence by electronic means to the applicant. It will include defined particulars.

Expiry of an authorisation
Unless revoked, a licence shall normally expire 10 years after the date it was granted. Registrations do not require renewal unless revoked.

Authorisation fee charging
The fee category is determined by the following:

  • The number of radiation sources;

  • The purpose of the practice;

  • The quantity of the radioactive substance; and

  • The profession or work activity to which the practice relates.

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