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Amendments to Pollution Prevention & Control in Scotland

07 March 2018

These amended regulations introduce provisions relating to medium combustion plants. In doing so they implement the requirements of Directive 2015/2193/EU on the limitation of certain pollutants into the air from medium combustion plants, which lays down rules to control emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust from such equipment.

What is the amended legislation: Pollution Prevention and Control Amendment  Regulations 2017.
Who does this affect: Scotland
When does this change take place: 19th December 2017

These provisions relate to medium combustion plants and provide that no such plant brought into operation after 20 December 2018 can operate without a permit or being registered. In relation to plant already in operation as of that date, there will be a phased transitional approach for the permitting regime dependent on the rated thermal input of the equipment.

A medium combustion plant is a combustion plant with a rated thermal input equal to or greater than 1 megawatt but less than 50 megawatts.

The full text of the Regulations may be found here.

Source: http://www.legislation.gov.uk