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The Building Safety (Leaseholder Protections) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2023

02 May 2023

Amends/Commences: Building Safety Act 2022 (c. 30)

Comes into force: 9th February 2023

Jurisdiction: England

Changes are made to a previous amendment, The Building Safety (Leaseholder Protections) (England) Regulations 2022. The changes aim to prevent organisations from avoiding their obligations regarding costs associated with historical safety remediation. 

Under the Building Safety Act 2022, landlords must not pass on any costs for historical safety remediation to leaseholders if the relevant landlord is in a landlord group that exceeds a net worth of £2 million.

The landlord group means the relevant landlord and any person associated with the relevant landlord. This amendment modifies the ‘associated person` list.

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