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NQA Supports the 2018 International Quality Awards

20 August 2018
NQA will be proudly presenting the Award recognising quality professionals who contribute most to their organisations.
The event is designed to acknowledge experts who share their experience, benefitting their colleagues and their organization and to recognise leaders who design and foster a culture where their fellow quality peers are able to succeed.

The awards, to be held on 21st November 2018 in London will also help the wider public understand the critical role that quality professionals play in enabling their organisations to be efficient and effective.

"NQA is proud to sponsor the ‘Emerging Talent Award’ at this year’s CQI Awards. It’s hugely important to recognise individuals that have contributed to their organisation, particularly in the early stages of their career. It supports our ethos as a global business and our commitment to continually improve, striving to be great at all that we do.”

Nick Wright, Managing Director, NQA UK, EMEA and India

We chose to sponsor this specific award because our motto of “Never stop improving” fits seamlessly with the ethos of the Emerging Talent category and highlights the importance of global quality. It shows that these people are committed to continually strive to be the best at what they do, something very much in line with our company philosophy.

“The CQI is thrilled that our Approved Training Partner, NQA, is going to sponsor the Emerging Talent Award. As a passionate and forward-thinking provider of CQI / IRCA training, NQA truly show their commitment to developing the capability of our profession.”

Estelle Clark, Executive Director - Policy, CQI