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NQA Launches 2020 Aerospace Workshops

17 February 2020
Join us for a free regional event designed specifically around the Aerospace Scheme series of standards (AS91XX) that will give you insight into forthcoming changes and provide some detailed analysis of industry findings.
30th April 2020 Belfast Click here to book!
19th May 2020 Bristol Click here to book!
25th June 2020 Manchester Click here to book!
21st July 2020 Farnborough Click here to book!

NQA is known as one of the leading Certification Bodies in the world for Aerospace Standards and knowledge sharing is the key to our success. With this in mind we are hosting 4 regional events to share industry scheme updates and introduce APQP.

At NQA are proud to be members of a number of forums and standards writing committees within the aerospace sector and this gives us an advantage over our competitors. By being involved in these committees we are able to get involved at an early stage of standard evolution, to not only give our input but to understand the requirements before our competitors. This knowledge is only useful if we can transfer this to our clients, consultants and to the wider aerospace supply chain.

Join us for a free event designed specifically around the Aerospace Scheme series of standards (AS91XX) that will give you insight into forthcoming changes and also provide some detailed analysis of industry findings which may shed some light on your own management system controls. We will also go into one of the new standards that is gaining interest; AS9145 APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and how this standard can potentially support your business.

What the afternoon will include:

There are a number of changes coming up in the next 12-24 months that will impact all organisations who are certified to AS9100, AS9120 or AS9110 standards, depending on the organisation itself some of these changes can be significant. We will provide you insight into changes such as the site structure changes and the new audit calculations and how you could possibly get more or less time added to your assessments.

NQA has also done some in-depth analysis on the Non-conformances raised within OASIS and will show some of these results and the interesting patterns that are emerging. There are specific weaknesses in management systems which are best understood as this could possibly help you focus on potential issues within your own management system.

One of the new Aerospace Standards which is getting a lot of attention lately and will gain traction over the coming years is AS9145 APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning). The event will include and overview of this standard, what it means for your business and how you can plan its implementation.

It's important to us that if you are going to take time out of your busy schedules you should benefit from that time spent with us.