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Changes to the NQA/UKAS Accreditation Marks (logos)

12 September 2014
The primary reason for updating the logos is due to a change in the UKAS accreditation marks.

The generic management system accreditation symbol shall be displayed as discussed here and shall be used in accordance with the requirements set out in the BIS Publication URN 11/673 - which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

All accredited management system certification bodies (NQA) shall ensure that they, and their certified customers (YOU) , cease to use the specific management system accreditation symbols within the five year transition period, ending 31 August 2014.


1 - Changes to the accreditation marks

  • These marks contained product descriptors for the various types of standards for quality, environment etc.
  • UKAS has replaced these with a generic logo with the single statement “UKAS Management Systems".
  • UKAS has instructed all accredited certification bodies to implement the changes.

2 – Colour logos and formats

  • Clients have been requesting colour versions of the logos.
  • Whilst making the changes required by UKAS it seemed appropriate to provide colour, black-and-white and reversed-out versions of the logo.
  • We also have now provided different logo formats to enable you to choose the correct format for printed and electronic communication.

3 – Improved logo library structure

  • Finally, whilst updating the logos, the structure of the logo library and the ease of downloading logos was addressed.
  • You can now download a “package” of logos in different formats for both PC and MAC.


An implementation plan and timeline for you will/can be agreed with NQA – this plan will be pragmatic and focus on ensuring potential cost and inconvenience is minimised.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please contact a member of our team.