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Mabey Hire Receives Industry-First COVID SECURE Guideline Verification

06 July 2020
Demonstrating its commitment to the safety of its customers and colleagues, Mabey Hire has recently received COVID SECURE Guideline Verification, making it one of the first five companies in the UK to do so.

Following the business-wide implementation of numerous new safety measures, and adaptation of its working practices to ensure the continued health and well-being of its customers and colleagues, Mabey Hire is delighted to have received the COVID SECURE Guideline Verification. It comes after a voluntary audit and inspection by NQA, the leading Global Certification Body, at its three largest depots: Garswood, Glasgow and Dewsbury.
Launched by NQA in May, the COVID SECURE Guideline Verification is designed to recognise organisations that have put in place specific measures to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, in line with government guidelines.
Speaking about the achievement, Gordon MacDonald, CEO at Mabey Hire, said: “As the construction industry works to adapt its approach in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are delighted that we have been recognised by NQA as satisfying all of the Covid-19 guidelines – making us the first in our industry.
“Ensuring the health and safety of our colleagues and customers has always been a priority for us at Mabey Hire and we are proud of the way that our teams have risen to these new challenges. As well as providing our colleagues with the assurance of a safe working environment, the verification from NQA also offers peace of mind to our customers, demonstrating that we have stringent operating practices in place.”

Richard Bowyer, Regional Assessor at NQA, said: “After several days with Mabey Hire, during its COVID SECURE Guideline Verification, it is evident the company has taken a vigorous and professional approach to managing the hazards associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is a risk management strategy which protects employees and all interested parties; a confirmation of the effectiveness of its management systems and the application of ISO 45001.”
Laura Fletcher, Commercial and CX Director at NQA, concluded: “By achieving NQA’s COVID SECURE Guideline Verification, Mabey Hire has demonstrated leadership within its industry and a much-needed confidence to clients in these challenging times. The verification highlights Mabey Hire’s focus to work in the safest possible manner throughout COVID-19, prioritising the health and safety of the business’ operations as it continues to operate at normal capacity. Well done to the Mabey Hire team!”
To learn more about Mabey Hire, please visit: www.mabeyhire.co.uk.

Source of original news article, Mabey Hire: https://www.mabeyhire.co.uk/news-and-media/news/industry-first-covid-secure-guideline-verification-for-mabey-hire