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NQA selected to participate in UKAS Pilot for UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework Certification

04 March 2022
NQA is pleased to announce that it has been selected to participate as a certification body in the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Certification Pilot Scheme. Digital identity providers can now register their interest with NQA to become early certification adopters.

Developed in collaboration with the UK Government and the DCMS, the pilot scheme aims to create a credible assessment and accreditation regime for the newly launched Digital Identity Assurance Trust Framework and the associated schemes such as Right to Work, Right to Rent and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

The ‘trust framework’ outlines rules that organisations such as identity verification service providers should follow, including the procedures, policies and standards governing the use of digital identity.

The framework covers aspects such as:

  • how organisations should handle and protect people’s data

  • what security and encryption standards should be followed

  • how user accounts should be managed

  • how to protect against fraud and misuse


Nick Wright, Managing Director of NQA writes:
“We live in an age of digital transformation that has led to a rapid shift in how we operate as a society. The Digital Identity Assurance Trust Framework represents an important step forward in making it easier for people to verify themselves using modern technology. I am very pleased to be working with UKAS and DCMS on this certification pilot scheme, which is a great opportunity for NQA to build on our existing expertise in Information Security and Privacy Management Systems to support the DCMS in ensuring that identity service providers are operating securely, responsibly and efficiently.”

Important information for organisations operating under the digital trust framework:
If you are a digital identity, attribute service or orchestration service provider and are interested in participating as an early adopter in the pilot scheme, please get in touch today to participate in the pilot scheme with us.