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NQA Training - Online Examination Approval

16 July 2020
As you will no doubt be aware we have updated our systems and processes to make sure that no matter what the situation; you can still access our range of training courses to expand your skillset.
With that in mind we took our training business virtual some months ago now... and we've seen great success and some excellent feedback from delegates. 

"The training session was really good. Even though I was worried beforehand, that sitting in front of computer all day won’t be near class room standard. Training agenda and overall organisation did work well. As I already mentioned, small number of participants, allowed constructive discussion which help to understand a subject. Obviously, the trainer’s knowledge and willingness to explain all queries were evident and appreciated. Finally, technology and internet connection appeared well established with no issues through out the training."  Krzysztof Procajlo, Mizkan  

The NQA Training Team are very happy to announce they have some even more exciting news and are now able to offer examinations in an online environment!  
This approval from CQI and IRCA means that for those courses requiring an examination, it can now be invigilated remotely, with the learner staying in their own home / work environment.
This fits exactly into the virtual learning approach we have already adopted and also with the plans we have for NQA Training moving forward, so we are very pleased to have achieved this status.

If you are looking to book one of our range of virtual courses please either book online here or call us on 0800 052 2424 (option 3) and a member of the team can reserve you a place.