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World Quality Week 2021 - Sustainability Focus

08 November 2021

The 8th to 12th November marks World Quality Week, a campaign founded by the CQI. As you may be aware each year celebrates a different theme and this year the focus is on the role that quality has on sustainability and its environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact.

Across the globe, organisations of all nature are placing increasing priority on their impacts and including them in business agendas and objectives to reduce the negative effects they are having on the planet. These factors are shaping the future decisions of companies and stakeholders worldwide.

The CQI have said “So what does this all mean? Sustainability can’t just be an area that you and your organisation consider. You need to commit to building it into your company culture because it’s here to stay. And, if sustainability hasn’t already become an essential part of your business operations, your competitive advantage and your reputation, it will.

For the CQI, the concept of improving our products, people and planet is in line with our Royal Charter and our mission to champion quality management for the benefit of society. So we encourage you - whether you’re a CQI/IRCA member or a professional working in quality management - to join us in promoting World Quality Week. This is a great opportunity to support your organisation not only to think about but to act on sustainability.”

The CQI are holding a number of webinars throughout the week to support organisations in their quest for a more sustainable future. Find out more and sign up here.

Read more about World Quality Week and get involved here.