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60 Seconds with Gina Erali

23 April 2019
Client Support Representatives play a vital role in NQA's day-to-day business. Find out what Gina enjoys most about working for NQA and what her top tip would be.

What is your role?

I am a Client Support Representative for the southern region of ISO 9001 (Quality) clients.

Most memorable moment at work?

It was due to the collaborative effort of everyone at NQA that we were able to bring on board a new client, perform their Stage 1 & 2 audits, process everything internally and provide them a certificate by their required deadline, which was a mere 8 business days. Although at the time this seemed nearly impossible it felt like a fantastic achievement.

Favorite thing about working for NQA?

My favorite thing about working for NQA is the spirit of continuous learning and improvement fostered by the helpfulness and extensive knowledge base of everyone at NQA.

Top tip for people looking at certification?

NQA has a network of consultants that we can recommend to assist companies in preparing for certification. If a consultant is not needed, communicating your company’s needs, preferences, and goals to both our NQA Business Development and assigned Client Support Representative, can greatly facilitates the certification process. The more information you can give us up front the more efficient the journey becomes.

How might you be able to help our readers?

Each client has a dedicated NQA Client Support Representative (CSR) who is always on hand to assist before, during, and after the audit process with any questions. We are a valuable tool that clients can utilize to navigate all aspects of certification so please do use us!