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ISO 45001: A More Risk-Based Approach

11 December 2015
The International Standards Organization claims someone dies every 15 seconds from work-related accidents or disease, and 153 people experience work-related injuries. The first international OHS standard (ISO 45001), will drive significant improvements.

It‘s also recognized that the adoption of a more ‘risk-based thinking’ approach to safety management in the work place, could significantly reduce accident levels and offer organizations the opportunity to be better protected from high impact reputational and financial damage.


According to an ISO survey, there are currently over 40 versions of the OHSAS 18001 health and safety management systems adopted in various international territories across the world.

ISO 45001 is a business management system that will provide one set of standardized requirements to put the wheels in motion towards a global improvement of corporate health and safety management systems overall.

Like all other ISO standards, the new international version of OHSAS 18001 will adopt the Plan, Do, Check, and Act - Deming Cycle for the promotion of continuous improvement of organizations health and safety performance.


ISO 45001 promotes not only legal and regulatory compliance but a more thorough approach to risk identification and risk control of all operational activities and processes that could introduce harm to employees, contractors and/or members of the public.

Its’ risk-based focus means that more hazards can be identified in advance of accidents that may otherwise occur. With better risk management and more time to put preventive measures in place, the global adoption of this standard will drive a significant reduction of fatalities in the workplace and other workplace-related incidents.

Organizations can register for their ISO 45001 toolkit including, video presentations from the secretary of the standard writing committee (PC 283), timelines, and an ISO 45001 concept briefing.