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16 November 2022
As the focus on climate related issues and sustainability continues to grow, the need for dedicated requirements and guidance is mirrored in its demand...

Many organisations are navigating their way through environmental issues and carbon falls high on their list of priorities. Currently, PAS 2060 is the only recognised standard for demonstrating carbon neutrality – whether this is the achievement of or commitment to.

The standard strives for reduced carbon emissions and encourages changes in behaviour that will combat the effects of climate change.

PAS 2060 looks specifically at demonstrating carbon neutrality and sets out the key criteria in how to do so.

The standard was under development in 2009 before its initial launch in April 2010. Since then, there has been further updates which brings us to the latest version of the standard – PAS 2060:2014.

The revisions to the latest version of the standard were:

  • Feedback from users within the first two years of publication

  • Recommendations via surveys led by BSI

  • Improvements in general knowledge and understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and the related criteria of the standard.

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