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NQA Gain ISO 55001 UKAS Accreditation

09 March 2018
Following a rigorous auditing assessment, we have successfully gained UKAS accreditation for ISO 55001:2014, the International Standard for Asset Management, on the 7th March 2018.  

This is important news for our clients as NQA can now issue the UKAS accredited ISO 55001 version of the standard globally.

ISO 55001 was published in January 2014 and establishes specific requirements for not only implementing and maintaining an asset, but also improving that asset via an Asset Management System. It builds upon PAS55 which had a proven track record specifically in the utilities industries. ISO 55001 aims to apply this approach across other sectors allowing all businesses to benefit from it.

The benefits of implementing ISO 55001 into your business are:

  • Improved financial performance
  • Competent asset investment decisions
  • Effective integrated risk management
  • Improved resilience and reliability
  • Improved services and outputs
  • Demonstrated social responsibility
  • Demonstrated regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Improved customer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Improved organizational sustainability
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness

We are incredibly proud to have achieved UKAS accreditation for the Asset Management Standard ISO 55001. This is a great addition to the NQA portfolio and enables us to better support many of our existing clients; particularly in the utilities, telecoms and housing association sectors. I'm also excited to welcome new clients to NQA as we expand our client base for ISO 55001:2014." Laura Fletcher, UK Commercial Director.

If you are interested in understanding how NQA can assist you in gaining certification against ISO 55001 please contact our Business Development Advisors on 0800 052 2424 or email sales@nqa.com.