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Update from the General Manager

07 June 2022
To Our Valued Customers:

The past two years have been unlike no other in our history. We’ve all made adjustments to weather the storm.  As things begin to return to a “new normal”, NQA is once again adjusting our business approach in helping you retain your certification and completing the required audits of your management system.

NQA is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being both of our clients and our employees. Throughout the pandemic we have worked hard to address our clients’ concerns and successfully support the continuity of their business operations.

We continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation, following guidance from the WHO, the CDC and local health authorities.

Since the Spring of 2020, we’ve conducted thousands of audit days utilizing a variety of remote technologies.  And we’ve received positive feedback on how our remote audits have been consistent with our on-site approach.

Our auditors have completed hours of training on how to more effectively audit when connected via video conferencing. Auditors and clients alike have had to adjust to a new way of working together to get the audit done.

As we move further into this year, we are finding that most clients are open to having auditors back onsite. After two years of remote auditing, it’s extremely valuable to get the auditor back into the building for in depth conversations, a walk around the production area, or perhaps a visit to a product install being held at another location.

Therefore, clients should assume that their audit will be held onsite unless told otherwise. NQA auditors are committed to adhering to all customer guidelines when performing on-site audit activities – following health authority best practices like frequent hand washing, social distancing, and staying home if they are feeling ill.

If there are exceptional requirements based on your company policy and a remote audit is requested, please contact your Client Support Representative for approval.

Audits in the Aerospace (AS 9100, AS9110, AS 9120), Automotive (IATF 16949), and Food Safety (FSSC 22000) sectors will be conducted on-site unless there are exceptional circumstances.

What To Expect

Your auditor will contact you well in advance of your audit date to –
  • Understand how the pandemic is impacting your business and any other changes since your last audit
  • Confirm the audit method (on-site or remote)
  • Discuss an audit plan
  • Decide the technology that will be used to facilitate the remote audit if that’s planned. We prefer to use your chosen technology method, to make it easier for your employees to participate
  • Answer any questions or concerns you may have

How Should You Prepare

NQA has now conducted thousands of remote audits and can assure you there is nothing to be concerned about.

We have created plenty of tools to help you prepare for your audit if it’s remote.

Looking Forward

In summary, we anticipate the pandemic to become more stable in the coming year. Should you have questions, or need further support, our team is on hand to help. Please call your Client Support Representative, or dial 800-649-5289 to discuss your specific requirements, or contact us.

NQA’s Certification Services are a critical business tool for thousands of companies. Today and always, we feel privileged to be your registrar, and we will continue in our commitment to give you world class service.