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Jerry Wilson joins NQA USA

06 November 2017
Jerry Wilson, Regional Auditor & Program Management Manager has recently joined the NQA team.

Jerry Wilson, Regional Auditor & Program Management Manager has recently joined the NQA team. Jerry is a TL 9000 TIEA, and also is a lead auditor for ISO 9001 and ESD S20.20. He is located in the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth telecom corridor. Keeping with NQA’s philosophy of involved an management team, Jerry’s new role at NQA will combine management responsibilities focused on enhancing NQA’s program management accounts while also staying current with applicable TL, ISO, and ESD audits and client accounts. 
Jerry brings 15 years of ICT, Telecom and Electronics experience along with 10 year experience in the ISO certification body industry to NQA. He was part of the internal team that led Motorola to one of the early TL 9000 certifications in the late 1990’s and continued as an internal auditor for their Network Division for several years to follow. 
Upon leaving Motorola he worked as a certification body TL 9000 Lead Auditor and Global ISO/TL 9000 Certification Program Manager at TUV SUD America for over 10 years with a heavy focus on management of large multi-site client program certifications around the world. Jerry has been deeply involved with the ICT industry group QuEST Forum helping develop and hone the TL 9000 Standard and associated AB/CB oversight processes.

As an organizational representative for both Motorola and TUV to the QuEST Forum, recognition of Jerry’s industry expertise ranges far and wide from the numerous small and large organizations he has audited, to the various ICT industry members and Telecom service providers he has participated in work groups with.
“I originally met Jerry at the QuEST Forum meetings several years ago, and quickly came to admire his industry expertise, pragmatic insights and approach. Despite working for competing CB’s we had a mutual respect for one another and would often collaborate on various committees. When the opportunity to bring Jerry on-board with NQA arose we didn’t hesitate to improve our organization with his skillset. He’s been a great fit for the organization and we look forward to many years of success together in bringing value to NQA clients and staff.” said Tim Woodcome, Conformity Assessment Director.
Jerry may be reached JWilson@nqa.com.