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AS91XX Series - Counterfeit and Obsolescence

09 December 2019
These two elements have been built into the new AS91xx series of standards in the most recent update and many organisations believe the requirements do not apply to them and it is often overlooked.

Organisations immediately think that counterfeit is related to electronics only and skip over the requirements but the requirements also impact materials, components and chemicals and there are not many organisations out there who do not purchase at least one of these types of items. Obsolescence is often linked to counterfeit and incorrect management of obsolete parts, materials and chemicals can actually generate counterfeit items as they force the supply chain to hunt for items anywhere they can, which can sometimes be on the blank market.

Watch an overview of the requirements and understand what the standard is asking you to do, we will give some guidance on what methods you could use to manage and demonstrate you have a robust counterfeit prevention system.

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